What is human value, marketability, and product photography worth to designers?

More than ever before in history there are an increasing number of designers, visual artists, and meaning-makers coming into this world showcasing their willingness, originality, and grit. With more jobs being displaced everyday by automated systems and computational AI there is a necessity to create value and real meaning in people’s lives using human centered design principles. One of most versatile and in-demand careers that an individual can pursue in the 21st century is the product designer. Top companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Samsung and many others are constantly vying for top talent and it’s becoming steadily more difficult to prove yourself as a contender in the job pool. One of the main obstacles standing in the way of applicants is the way in which they showcase their product portfolio. Many are turning to continuing education in the form of product photography classes and workshops to improve their portfolio money shots, but taking some courses comes with a number of other benefits. 

The ability to solve complex problems and think intuitively about a design is one of many skills a product designer should possess however being able to market your skills in an accessible way is equally if not more critical. How could a designer emphasize all the components of a well-considered product, all of the nuances, iterations, use implications, and processes if there are not equally thought out quality photographs exemplifying the content? Taking the principles one might learn in a product photography workshop would undeniably boost a designer through the ranks of visibility. 

Not only would taking some classes improve the quality of the portfolio but it would open a world of possibilities to any designer looking to explore new  and exciting creative outlets. Photography is a rich art, connected by proxy to many other disciplines in a way that leaves anyone pursuing its fruits a garden of artistic opportunities.  In other words, it may be obvious that  a designer enrolling in some product photography classes would be able to improve their digital marketing skill set within product design, but it may also promote a cross pollinating curiosity into relatable fields such as interior architecture, furniture, UI/UX or even photography itself! 

The sensational experiences even taking a single product photography workshop affords can be life changing and is just one more door worth opening.  Complementing its potential in refining a designer’s artistic sensibilities is one thing but there could be an aspect that is even more expanding in breadth for a creative to have. A network of other creatives of course! Envision all of the like-minded personalities you might come across at a workshop, some of whom may share similar interests or are pursuing imaginative projects in the same vein. More impressive than having a single character who is a multifaceted designer is having a camaraderie of talent collaborating in something that is greater than the sum of its parts. There is nothing more refreshing than witnessing an efficient creative machine of respected professionals work together to create value in a world that is at odds with itself in competition. 




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